Well, this is awkward. My portfolio is currently desktop only. Feel free to hang out here as you paddle on over to your computer.

Hello there, I'm Kea

I'm a Vancouver based UX designer with a background in organic chemistry research. I find joy in creating delightful data driven user experiences.
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Virtual Reality Mobile App Design

Volta provides students who don't have access to a science lab a way to learn lab techniques remotely using VR.


Google Care

Tablet Healthcare App Design

As part of a cross-functional team, I created a tool that optimizes communication between patient caregiving teams and health care professionals.


My Fitness Pal

Heuristic Analysis & Redesign

I conducted a heuristic analysis and UI redesign to address severe usability issues in the Android version of the MyFitnessPal app.


Ready Doctor

UXR Case Study

Why are people between the ages of 18-35 the largest population in Canada without a regular doctor? What can be done to correct this? Find out in this case study.


IBM Design Sprint

I worked with IBM as part of a six person design team to built a project management app to help remote students working in different timezones collaborate.