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Drawing from my scientific background, this page contains one-off UI and animation experiments I've created in my free time to help further develop my design skill set.
Blue Volta.gif
Lightbulb Moment
Made with Sketch & Principle
This was created around the idea of a science student getting a "lightbulb moment" when running a lab experiment. This was used as the app loading screen for Volta.
Figma Sign up (Mobile)
Made with Figma
This was my first ever Figma prototype! I created this as a challenge to myself to create a fun sign up flow for an already existing product.
Figma Sign up (Tablet)
Made with Figma
This was my first tablet design. In the animation, I wanted the user to feel the page come to life after tapping the "Try Figma" button.
Website Redesign
Made with Figma
My goal was to give my favourite podcast's website a minimalistic facelift. My changes include:
  • De-cluttering the top nav bar
  • Raising CTAs above the fold
  • Adding iconography to CTA buttons
  • Simplifiying overall colour scheme
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